Monday, September 20, 2010

not one brain between the lot of 'em

Our wicked smaht government is at it again. They would now like to ban "sugary drinks" from state buildings. Yes, you read right. They are absolutely fucking insane.
First, it's the smoking, You can't smoke here, you can't smoke anywhere! I don't smoke, so really I have no personal stake here, but COME ON! If we're banning the act of smoking, why not take the butts out all together. Make it so that nic-feening citizens will be buying tobacco on street corners from unscrupulous dealers. While right now the unscrupulous dealer is our government... oh, wait! That's ok. Give them you're money, just don't light up where they can see you.
Then, they went for the trans fats. No trans fats allowed! Restaurants actually had to alter recipes to stay in business in the commonwealth. Has anyone seen a school lunch menu lately? Chicken patties, chicken nuggets, pizza, grilled cheese, mac -n- cheese... all carbs all the time, with a little cruelly raised antibiotic filled bird thrown in for good measure. I just can't figure out why school children are so sick and "ADHD" all the time....
Now, our brilliant leaders have another little treat for us before they are THROWN from their offices...No more sugary drinks. Have these idiots thought of reading the Orange and other "healthy" fruit juice labels? They all have relatively the same amount of sugar as soda. Could our government just once hire someone to do something useful.... such as READ a label.
I don't smoke, I don't eat trans-fats often, and I don't drink soda, but HOW DARE YOU TELL ME I CAN'T???????!!!!!!! Why is our government so obsessed with protecting it's people from themselves? Can we focus on something worthy of our time and let the "bad habits" take care of population control like they always have?

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