Saturday, October 31, 2009

The lady with the little hat

Or the little lady with the hat... it's been forgotten!
My little man invited me to the Halloween Parade at his school yesterday. I love seeing his face, seeing him with his friends. He was strutting around the field like an almost 10 year old boy does. Parents are happily clicking away to keep building that scrapbook. Princesses, devils, Darth, Stromtroopers, Luigi (my personal fave), cheerleaders... No candy. No party games. Just a double around the school track and a photo op at the end. Sign em out, bring em home.
This is Halloween? This is what you guys will do with an hour to celebrate a long standing tradition? Why bother to do anything at all?
I feel bad, because I thought the whole thing was stupid. Am I a party pooper or was this no party at all?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gentle leader

Best product ever to stop a dog from pulling on the leash without digging spikes into their neck.

I will let you know, however, that this product only works if you use it. Don't be swayed by sad eyes and head shaking at first. This ingenius invention makes walks with my muscle machine dog a joy. It is a strap over the snout and it is tethered so that if the dog pulls, their chin is pulled gently down to their chest. Sounds crazy? Works like a charm.

I did not get paid to say this, I bought mine on the advice of my vet when I had Ginger and it was 25 bucks well spent.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's raining everything but money

The sky is falling! Duck! There's two cars and a house and growing boys and the fuel it takes to keep them all alive and moving, full speed. This struggle isn't very fun and who said it would be, anyway? My parents warned me that this was going to be tough. I laughed at them with a teenaged heart and unknowing soul. I will live an amazing life and it will be nothing but fun and laughter! Wasn't I just so silly in my youth? Oh, yes... and, although it comforts me to say that everyone was so silly as I, I know the truth. Not everyone has a carefree easy childhood that would allow them to be so foolish in their heart about the realities of life. Sixteen years are gone and there have been so many lessons learned. Such strong pains that, when recalled, the same burn comes back for a moment to remind you of the hurt you once felt. Luckily, it's fleeting. Let is go. There are plenty of smiles to be brought back, as well. Those are the things to hold onto. The shining moments. The good stuff.
A lot of death lately... of course, I would know none of it if I did not have a facebook account. There is an old high school friend of mine there that is the local beacon of news and information. And another old friend from the burg. I don't read that newspaper or visit those places, so I am otherwise uninformed. I kind of wish I was and have thought of cancelling my fb account just to escape it! Too many people in my age group dying. It makes me think about my own mortality and I don't like that. That's how you get a somber and serious blog like this one.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Big Mouth

Why on earth was I born with so much to say? I try to be quiet and make sure every word is important, but ,the truth is, it's a losing battle. I talk. A lot. Just ask the poor dog who has to listen to me rant and rave. God forbid I hear something on the radio that I disagree with... I will talk back to the speakers in the car... I would tell me to shut up. And all kinds of other stuff.
This is why I write. Well, one of the reasons. There are as many reasons to wirte as there are not to. What kind of brain is that to have?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My pen was broken

I couldn't find any paper. My dog ate my hand. I have excuses for days why I haven't been writing. This morning, after reading someone elses blog, I decided that I was going to write something, anything, just write. So, here I am, with the laptop battery flashing yellow. Hurry!
Life is good. There are the usual trials and tribulations. Cars break, cel phones get washed. sashimi gets eaten, pies are baked. Take the good with the bad and never let it get you down.
The new pup is adjusting to life with our family. She fits like a glove and brings a lot of love and snuggle. She's so sweet and was quick to turn everyone soft for her. Even the 16 year old. It's great to watch.
We've been doing a lot of walking the country roads all around us. Staying out of the woods for hunting season, but there is no shortage of dirt road to visit. Last weekend, two deer ran across the road in front of us. Ear to ear smiles. Fresh air. Ahhhhhh