Sunday, August 22, 2010

and we're walking

What a week. month. summer. year.
I'm learning. A lot. alot alot alot. About myself and others and what we're capable of. I have reconnected with old friends that I treasure dearly and disconnected with less favorable acquaintances friends, intentionally. Goodbye is easy for me, I hold almost no sentimentality. My divorce and the loss of my father have taught me that life goes on until it ends. People come and go and so will I.
I am getting no where in my quest to stop talking and listen more. Well, I am listening more, but I just can't seem to shut my yap. I have some much to say! Why do I feel the need to share so much? Wouldn't it be great to have a shrink read my blog and tell me what the hell my problem is?
A camping trip on the Ashuelot, one bottle of red, an epiphany on a Sunday morning.
Ok, I'm ready to do this. Giddyup!

1 comment:

Ms.C said...

I think when we are growing, we want to tell the world... it feels good!