Thursday, July 29, 2010

I caught one!

We live in a rural area, next to 1100 acres of wildlife sanctuary. The wildlife is aplenty and I have been battling one wild thing in particular in my gardens. The dreaded woodchuck. He left the beans, ate the plants. Mowed down 100 sunflowers for a mid-day snack. He's the devil in my dirt.
Well, last weekend we bought a hav-a-hart trap and set it out with yummy watermelon. Each day, morning, noon, and night I checked that trap, finger's crossed, hoping to look into the eye of my nemesis.
Yesterday, when D came running in the house yelling that I caught something, I nearly smashed my face into the door trying to get out to see my success! From the top of the hill, I could see the gray little fucker.... wait, grey?
Poor thing.
A sweet little furry grey KITTEN had gone for the fruit and found herself in prison over by the green bean tipi's. Meow.
I rushed over to the cage and opened the door as fast as I could and ZOOM! I never saw anything move so fast. That cat screwed out of my garden and my yard and my life as fast as it could.
Sorry, kitty.
Since when do we have odd cats out here, anyway?


Sheryl at Providence Acres Farm said...

You need a big, free ranging dog!

I had problems with a woodchuck (called groundhogs here) until I got Buck. Haven't seen one since.

A Better Version of Me said...

We do have an 85 pound American Bulldog. She's outside most of the time, but she stays closer to me than the garden unless I'm in it. Her scent hadnt deterred the thing! However, hubs, myself and my pal Justin have caught it in the act and ran full force screaming braveheart style into the garden, chasing him off. Its been a week now and he hasnt returned!