Sunday, July 4, 2010

You guys stink

I am just so charged up about everything I'm doing all the time and they are just so never fucking behind me. When they ask what you're up to, they don't really want to know and they seem to be secretly hoping you'll just say "not much" and walk away. Well, I'm up to stuff. Come on! This is life, isn't it? We are all here DOING, aren't we? Aren't you?
Well, why the hell not, then?
And, if you are, but you just don't like to talk about it, then why do we have to get together socially at all if you don't want to talk about anything but the damn weather??? Text me next time it rains, I'll digress.
It's all so lame. Boring.
I might think I'm smarter than almost everyone I come in contact with. I might. A little. Or totally.


Ms.C said...

Some great advice someone gave me last year... "If you can't learn anything new from people in your social circle, it's time to find some new friends".

Sugarbooger said...

what happens if you are related?