Wednesday, July 14, 2010

over the hill and through the burg

to Grandmother's house we went... and while I entertained the sweet lady... my sunflowers, beans, cukes and marigolds were ravaged by a beast unknown to me.
That jerk.

***BATTLE 2010***

Me VS. ?Woodchuck?

It's not looking good for me. I'm not even sure if it is a woodchuck that is after my plants. Whatever it is, I am about to step up my game. Look out, Furry foe! I am going to install more fencing today and tomorrow I am going to get a trap, too. I want to see who this garden terrorist is! I want to look him in his eye before I move him to another locale. I did consider sitting on the hill with an air soft gun and hammering him with biodegradable pellets until he waved a flag and agreed never to return to my soil. But, the trap seems simpler and a lot less time consuming. I tried sitting on the hill for an hour the last time my garden was chewed. I cannot sit still! Let alone, sit still looking into my garden. I sat there and found 15 things to do and then went off and did them. Of course, as long as I'm IN the garden, the pest stays clear.
Maybe I should just move in to the pumpkin patch. There's certainly plenty of shelter under those leaves! I will be the pumpkin queen and all the squash will love and worship me.
See how nuts this creature is making me? Or maybe I inhaled some of the Neem again. Either, way, this monster must go.

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