Saturday, March 27, 2010

The growing season is upon us!

Yippee! This year, I have a sun room to start my seeds in. I can hardly believe my luck on this one. My thumbs are so green, I have to hide them in my pockets so I don't get mistaken for Fiona! I have been itching to get into some soil of my own for so long... last year I spent my time in other people's gardens, this year I am all mine. And, the biggest bonus, the soil here is organic, has always been organic and will always be organic.
I have already started spinach, basil (3 kinds), oregano, sage, cilantro, chamomile and zinnias (2 kinds). I have many, many more varieties to get started. From past experience, I know how much food I can grow in a season with a big garden. We won't have to buy fresh veggies or herbs from July through November if I don't have any major pest or disease issues. I plan to return to my roots and do some canning. Although, they should call it jarring... We need to get used to eating in season and being more self sufficient. The economy is so fragile and I don't want my family to go without good nutrition if hubs loses his job.
By the end of this weekend, I hope to have most of my pots filled with soil. It's quite a task, considering that I have over 200 pots. For the last 6 years, I've only been able to grow my garden in pots, so I have accumulated quite a collection. Even my plants have been packed and ready to go at a moments notice! Now, I will use the bulk of them to decorate the sprawling decks outside. I plan to use the not-so-pretty ones for seed starting and giving. I suppose I could sell some, too, if the need arose. One paycheck at a time!
I am just so excited to get growing. There is nothing like planting a seed and watching that seed sprout into gorgeous green, reaching up to the sky and bursting with life. I never never get tired of this cycle. I will be watching 1,000s of them over the next 2 months and each and every one will be a gift of life that I am very, very thankful for.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Reason # 435 why I don't want this bill

The Orthodontist called this morning to let me know that Mass Health has denied the claim for my 14 year old's braces. Yes, he needs them. No question about it, two docs have confirmed that fact. But, the insurance that the state of Massachusetts FORCES me to have refuses to pay any part of the bill. Awesome. Thank you to my government, once again, for a job undone.
Of course, now I can appeal. I have 30 days and then they have 6 months to get back to me and let me know if their "panel" has changed their mind. I think it's crazy to put our government in control of our health care. Absolutely fucking insane.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Once again

Those motherfuckers in Washington. They knew that 70% off America DID NOT WANT this bill passed and they looked right past us all and did it anyway. Well, the Democrats did. The elections coming up in November are going to be filled with Dems gone Independent as a last ditch hope to hang on to office. No, sorry, I don't think so. And, all you Democrats out there should be outraged, too. They took advantage of their lucky party majority and screwed the American people out of even more of our hard earned dollars, AGAIN! How much of this are we going to take?
Please please someone out there tell me why I have to tighten my belt when times get tough and my government gets to spend more and just keep on taking.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

there will be none of that

Why don't I ever give myself the same considerations and acceptance that I give to every other human being on this planet? I don't really want the answer, but the question was asked again loudly yesterday. (only by me and in my own head, of course) It seems that no matter how much I do in a day, I never feel like it's enough. There's always at least one thing that should have been done. Where am I even getting this "should have" BS I do not know, and it is driving me to the brink.
I know I should be glad that I am so high energy, but it's fucking exhausting.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

professional development day

I had a meeting with the 8th grade team yesterday. As it turns out, my son is intelligent and witty beyond his years. His teachers love him and are impressed with his ability to grasp very adult concepts, especially politics and world issues. This was no meeting to discuss behavior. He is friendly, helpful, and participates in class. However, he is failing or nearly failing most of his classes because he refuses to do homework. He has actually told teachers "I don't do homework." I have fought this fight at home for so long and I am growing weary
If he chooses not to do his school work, there is no real consequence to him and he knows that. We have taken away every privilege possible and he could care less. Take away the video games and tv and he'll do word searches and play legos. No graduation ceremony? Please, "that crap is so lame". So, he has chosen to do the bare minimum, fail a couple classes he finds uninteresting and accept the punishments without flinching. And, there's not a thing any of us can do about it.
That was one hell of a school meeting, unlike Any other I've ever had, and I have had plenty (thanks, J). Usually, the teachers have all sorts of suggestions to get the boy back on track. Not this time. They actually recognize that N has the ability and the means and just needs grow some more. He'll be in honors classes next year anyway, because they know who he is and what 8th grade can be for even the most brilliant children.
Finally, this battle is over.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

another annoying American language trend

Adding "just sayin'" to the end of any sentence you deem to be clever and/or interesting.
Stop it, America, you sound so dumb.
Go get the dictionary ( and look up redundant. It's not good.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What they don't tell you

... is that once you start using a nose hair trimmer (that your ex got you for xmass as a cruel joke the year you split up), you can never stop or you will look like a neanderthal. Your nose hairs will be known and seen from far and wide, as they wrap the outside of your nostrils and proceed to reach and cover your eyes and lips. Small children may go missing, only to be found as adults tangled up in hair, hanging from your nose.

I think I remember a similar realization after I began plucking my eyebrows. Someone told me I should pluck them, I listened, and now I am subjected to a life of tweezers, wax, or cave woman style.

Tre' shit

Monday, March 8, 2010

Less is more

We don't need so much stuff.
8 years "clean" this month.
I feel a lot better and my life looks a lot better, too.
Reduce, reuse, recycle.
No action without thought.
I am proud.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

aw, dang

I wanted badly to stay awake long enough to watch the 20/20 with Jaycee Dugard. I am so curious about this woman. I want to know what 18 years of captivity look like on some one's face.
No such luck, though, I crashed somewhere between the wrongly accused and the justly accused.
aw, dang
I'm old now. I go to bed early and get up early. I love the end of the day just as much as I love the beginning. The middle... well, it's the middle, so what can it be? It's full and bloated and pulling me down by my ankles almost every time it comes around.
aw, dang

Last night, instead of washing my brain away on the sensationalism and exploitation of a kidnap victim, I went to bed early. I got my 7 1/2 hours of needed sleep and woke rested and ready for my day.
atta girl
My days are so full of excitement and travel! I am lucky to have something to do at every moment, for there is never time to be bored. I have so many people around me, I have no fear of being lonely. I am so lucky to have such a large network of personalities to color my days!
atta girl

Friday, March 5, 2010

My government

My government

keeps lying to me, over and over

keeps taking more and more of my money and then giving it to others and telling me that's the right way to do things

helps so many other countries, they seem to have little left for me and my neighbors

drives a shiny new car every year and loads it with every option available, while I drive a 10 year old truck

decorates it's houses in the most expensive fabrics and furniture, while I bargain shop secondhand stores and count pennies

wants to tell me whether or not I can have a mammogram before age 50, or the treatment for breast cancer after age 40

is getting too big for me

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here's something I saw the other day

My dear friend is ending a relationship. She's packing up all her stuff and moving back home to mom's. Her ex-husband has just remarried and he and his pregnant wife are coming to pick up her daughter to take her to a family occasion. On this busy and life altering day, not only is she watching another friend's daughter, but she's packing and moving everything she owns. It's a shitty, long day at noon, and there are 5 or more hours left to go.
In the midst of it all, after her custody has been changed to give her the lesser amount of time with her 10 year old, she is supposed to be putting her daughter's hair into a sweet little ponytail and have her all gussied up to go at the demand of her ex-husband's new wife. It's moving day, but she has a more important occasion, so you better step to it!
When they arrive, the wicked stepmother can only ask "Did she shower?!" No, but she has combed her hair and she's ready to go. "Ugh! I guess we'll have to pull it back into a ponytail on the way." Eyes rolling and angry toned. Bitchy at best.
What the fuck? Can you please have some goddamn empathy for this woman who is so kind hearted and going through such a rough time in her life. She's doing the best she can and you are so judgemental and mean. If you were so concerned about her hair, you should have just shut your yap and taken care of it in the car, without saying a word. How do you think it makes that little girl feel when you talk like that about her?
Did you see your kid's hair going to school today? Sticking up all over the place, you bad bad mother! Get the fuck over yourself, will you?

Monday, March 1, 2010

The insensitive bitch diet plan

It's cruel, but it works.
*inspired by weight loss info-mercial "six week body makeover"*
Are you overweight? Depressed? I have created a simple plan that will cure you of these evils and grant you a happy, healthy life.
Get off your ass.
Stop eating like a pig. Read serving sizes and measure that shit out for a nice wake-up call. I dare you.
Calories = energy. If you aren't doing any physical activity (shame on you) you need to adjust the calories/energy you are putting in to match the activity level going out. Again, get off your ass.
Don't ever drive to anything that's less than a half mile from you. Get out of your car and do some walking.
Never ever eat anything that you can order without leaving you're car. If you're too lazy to get out of your car to get it, you shouldn't be eating at all! You do not need fuel to sit on your ass any more than your car needs gas to sit in the driveway. Food, after all, is intended as fuel first.
Stop making excuses. You have the time. You have the means. You are lying if you say otherwise.
Buy my plan and be fit and healthy. You will lose weight and feel less depressed. Sun will actually hit your face and you will like it. Avocados taste better than potato chips. You're a better cook than you think. Garlic loves you.
Call in the next ten minutes and I will give you this shit free!
Oh... wait, I just did.
This has been a public service message funded by common sense$$