Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here's something I saw the other day

My dear friend is ending a relationship. She's packing up all her stuff and moving back home to mom's. Her ex-husband has just remarried and he and his pregnant wife are coming to pick up her daughter to take her to a family occasion. On this busy and life altering day, not only is she watching another friend's daughter, but she's packing and moving everything she owns. It's a shitty, long day at noon, and there are 5 or more hours left to go.
In the midst of it all, after her custody has been changed to give her the lesser amount of time with her 10 year old, she is supposed to be putting her daughter's hair into a sweet little ponytail and have her all gussied up to go at the demand of her ex-husband's new wife. It's moving day, but she has a more important occasion, so you better step to it!
When they arrive, the wicked stepmother can only ask "Did she shower?!" No, but she has combed her hair and she's ready to go. "Ugh! I guess we'll have to pull it back into a ponytail on the way." Eyes rolling and angry toned. Bitchy at best.
What the fuck? Can you please have some goddamn empathy for this woman who is so kind hearted and going through such a rough time in her life. She's doing the best she can and you are so judgemental and mean. If you were so concerned about her hair, you should have just shut your yap and taken care of it in the car, without saying a word. How do you think it makes that little girl feel when you talk like that about her?
Did you see your kid's hair going to school today? Sticking up all over the place, you bad bad mother! Get the fuck over yourself, will you?

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