Monday, June 28, 2010

human beans

I must admit that I feel a tad paranoid whenever I think about this, but I can't stop from thinking about it. Everywhere I go, everything I see.. reminds me, forces me to think about it. Do other people think about this, too?
We (Americans or humans, I'm still not sure) seem to be getting so far away from our roots and the practices that help us to survive in the most basic and primal fashion. We are reliant on not only big oil, but also our neighbors and our government in one way or another.
What if the banking system shut down tomorrow. How much currency will you have to live on? And, how will you be able to use it at all, with most stores unable to make any transaction without a computer and a connection to the bank. Cash? Hmmm.... what an interesting idea?! Can you imagine only being able to spend exactly what's in your pocket?
Now, what happens if there is a problem with the food supply. What if, you wake up one morning and cnn is announcing that for two weeks, you won't be able to eat out, drive through, or go grocery shopping. Would you and yours go hungry?
I think we better start going back a little before it's too late and future generations don't have any of the skills they need to survive without the "help" of their government and big business. I think we already know the reliability of both at this point and should not be foolish enough to count on any decisions being made for our betterment before theirs.


Ms.C said...

I agree. I think this recession has brought some people back to the roots, but still so much needs to be done.
The kids are being conditioned to rely on this technology so much it scares me... even worse, their common sense is not even being challenged, because everything is only a "google" search away.
Let's just hope ours are paying attention to what Mom is doing!

A Better Version of Me said...

This generation (the one we're raising!) is so reliant on being plugged in... for information, entertainment, human connection.
I ask them all the time :"What will you do if it all shuts off tomorrow?" and only my youngest can come up with a plan. The teenagers just huff and laugh at me as if it's just not possible.
I wish I had been able to homeschool them all the way and never allowed them cable. When we were "tuned out" in their younger years, things were much simpler. I regret joining the rest of the world!