Wednesday, June 16, 2010

fist pump

I am beside myself.
Yesterday, I found myself walking into a JC Penney with my 17 year old son, who said this knock me on my ass statement "I'm really liking the writing thing. I enjoy it. Next year, I am going to kick ass in creative writing,"
I literally tripped over my sandal and half crashed into him and the door.
Don't overreact!
If I get all excited and jump up and down and tell him how proud and happy I am at this moment, I might scare him off. He may choose auto mechanics just to spite me.
"Cool", I say, "I can totally relate to the writing thing."
This was my moment and it went by so quick. Off to Sperry's and plaids and the Celtics chances in game 6. Off to a million other things that fly in and over and around me but do not penetrate. Now, I have to wait patiently for the next one or try to initiate some moments of my creation. They tend to fall flat compared to the ones that come flying at you like a comet and leave you trying to see again with that light in your eyes.

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Ms.C said...

I realized the "Don't overreact" method too late! When my daughter signed up for Interior Design last yr, we didn't have another convo about it after I let her borrow my color wheel.
If this apple doesn't fall far from the tree, he's got no worries... :)