Thursday, June 17, 2010

back the f*ck up

Seriously, sweety, if you ever approach me in front of my child or any other with that foul mouth again, I am going to have to let you know what's up. Get out of the tanning bed and hit the library. Have some damn class.
This blog could have easily been titled "Why I hate school functions". I can't even enjoy a family picnic with my 10 year old without having to hear an alleged grown woman behave like a 15 year old trying to piss of her mom and impress her friends.
She said, bla bla, shit, fuck, OMG!
What on earth makes someone think that this occasion is the perfect time to air family grievances? Too much Jersey Shore in the brain, me thinks. I dont give a fuck what your mom said or did and I dont care what you did, either, just get the hell away from me and mine. Sorry for your kid, but protecting mine from such nonsense is my priority.

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