Friday, August 6, 2010

It's not what you think

Are you even thinking at all?
Yes, gay couples want to have the same rights as same sex couples do. And, why not? I'm actually pretty surprised that the voters of a state like CA, which seems so liberal from over here on the East coast, would vote against this in the first place. I guess the Hollywood folks don't have much time for voting. Heck, I would've voted for same sex unions to be given full marital rights.... given the chance. Over here in MA, we didn't even get the luxury of voting.
While the rainbow flags were flying yesterday, our red, white, and blue faded even further off into the distance than those triumphant citizens could see, what with their narrow minded eyes and all. They are cheering to never again be able to vote on such a law. "Yay! My government just took even more of my freedoms from me and at the same time convinced me that it was for my benefit." They should be so embarrassed, as I am of them.
Cue the overalls and straw in my teeth: Us voters, we just aint smart enough to go around makin decisions that effect our lives.
What will you do, then, when you are not allowed to vote on something else...something that maybe hurts you. You can't be fool enough to think you always agree with judges and politicians. Can you?
This was not about gay marriage. Gay marriage was the front used to get you behind the piper. Go along now, little sheep... this won't hurt a bit.

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