Saturday, August 28, 2010

eating too many lemons?

Every time I sit here to write, the bitterness just pours out of me. I have 4 blogs in the drafts section that will never be published. I read and reread and can only sense a deep unforgiving bitterness within my soul. I am so angry. I am so disappointed in myself and everyone around me. I am so sad.
I'm so sick of feeling this way. I know it's my choice... why can't I make it?
I need to start a new season for myself, the one where I let go of all this shit I am carrying once and for all. There are no "new years resolutions" for me... I can't wait that long!
O', my achin' back!
***the painful realization that not one of my close friends or family chooses to read this blog, even though they were all given the link many moons ago... well, I think instead of hurt, I should feel relief because I can say whateverthefuckIplease and no one gets upset or offended. I am going to change the way I feel about things and stop giving a shit what anyone thinks about me.
I think Autumn is gong to be interesting and wonderful!

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