Monday, August 9, 2010

Time for a change

Sometimes, things that used to fit, don't fit anymore.
That's all.
I'm just not one of those people with a whole lot of sentimentality. I've lost people and things and survived it all. What you don't survive is the loss of yourself. I don't look back on the lost books and art supplies with sadness. I am just so damn glad to not have to lug that stuff around anymore. I kinda feel that way about some of the people I have left behind, too.
I know it sounds cold, but really, there are just toxic people and it's good to have them gone. You can't love every human you meet with unconditional understanding. That would make you crazy. (I know firsthand)I have been trying to hard to love love love and I realize now that I was wasting my energy on people I have no common ground with. Did I once? My memory is so shady that I can only think that I must have been going through such a dark time that they seemed like light at the time. My clouds are moving, now, and it feels like there are some people on the edge of those clouds floating slowly away from me.
And, I feel like just waving good bye.

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