Saturday, October 31, 2009

The lady with the little hat

Or the little lady with the hat... it's been forgotten!
My little man invited me to the Halloween Parade at his school yesterday. I love seeing his face, seeing him with his friends. He was strutting around the field like an almost 10 year old boy does. Parents are happily clicking away to keep building that scrapbook. Princesses, devils, Darth, Stromtroopers, Luigi (my personal fave), cheerleaders... No candy. No party games. Just a double around the school track and a photo op at the end. Sign em out, bring em home.
This is Halloween? This is what you guys will do with an hour to celebrate a long standing tradition? Why bother to do anything at all?
I feel bad, because I thought the whole thing was stupid. Am I a party pooper or was this no party at all?

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