Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yesterday, I watched you pull into the school parking lot. You were driving kind of fast and you were on your cel phone. You nearly hit the blue Honda when you pulled into the parking space. I watched you fumble with you keys and your purse as you got out of your SUV, at one point holding your keys in your teeth so that you could take off your sweater...that little phone wedged between your ear and your shoulder the whole time. I stood behind you in line and overheard your conversation, a lot of snarky she and he and hahaha. I had to duck from being hit in the face when you waved to your son. You brushed my shoulder and apologized, immediately letting the person on the phone know that you did this and how funny it was. hahaha You whispered "hi" to your boy and rushed him out the door through the throng of parents, into the parking lot and into your SUV. You drove out of that parking lot, still on your cel phone. You never took one minute to greet your child and ask him about his day.
Do you have any idea how you must be making your son feel? I'll tell you this, I am only an observer and it hurt me to watch you. I can only imagine it hurts tenfold when it is you who is being ignored by the one person whose love you should be able to count on at the end of a long day at school.
Shame on you, lady. Put your damn cel phone away and be present in your own life.

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Ms.C said...

So true! I watched a father and daughter have dinner together and both hardly looked up from their phones. It is scary to think this is the direction society is going!