Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday already?

I spent half of yesterday at the house with my sister and the little man. Sis cleaned the insides of closets and the main bath cabinets. She was just as shocked at the grime as I was, so I know it's not me being anal. We reminisced over the smell of Murphy's--- my Dad's tried and true. Little man did some priming, but mostly lay on the couch playing with mini cars I found behind the shed. He wasn't feeling so good at all yesterday and I am kind of anxious to see how he's feeling this morning.
Hubs went to the house by himself last night. He sanded and primed the cabinets. The pipe boxing and moulding look amazing and I cannot wait to see the cabinets once they are white. He tells me the room looks so much bigger even with just the primer.
I don't know what's on the menu for today. I have a ton of laundry to do and my house needs vacuuming. Tonight, I hope to clean and prime the pantry and laundry room. Behold my glamorous life!

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