Tuesday, December 29, 2009

High sugar = low me

Four days of high sugar, high fat gorging at the kitchen troff has reminded me of why I choose not to eat this way anymore. Boy, does it make me feel shitty. I have no energy. I'm kind of saddish, not for any particular reason, just kind of not smiling. Couchy. Bla.
Not doing that again. Next holiday, I will not allow this to happen. I will encourage my sister to host all holidays from now on, so that it is her refrigerator and not mine that bursts with this killer feast. That's not very nice. But, what else do I do? My mother brought an entire grocery isle with her. I don't know if she thought we were having more people than usual or if she thought that I wouldn't know to purchase food for our gathering. Gee, mom, thanks... I never would have thought of crackers. Good thing you brought 4 boxes!!!
The pie, the cookies, the trifle...geezum crow, fat was just in the damn air! I had to dump it all yesterday in an effort to save myself. I thought the boys would eat it up, but, as it turns out, depriving them of this junk has made them not crave it so much. So, against all of my urges to conserve and not waste, I had to throw it all into the trash. And, now I am free.
Last night I had a glass of red and broth for dinner. I am literally still full from Sunday and it's Tuesday! I could live off of my own reserves for weeks! GROSS.

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