Sunday, December 27, 2009


Made it though the holidays without so much as a scratch. It was easy. The shopping was quick and easy. The cooking was a breeze. The family gathering was fun and jovial. This holiday was nothing but a pleasure. My waistline surely shows that, too.
oh.... the gin and the red red wine, the french meat pie and the cookies of all kinds and the scallops and bacon, chicken wings, dip and the sashimi and the maki and oh god the trifle and pie... and my belly is hurting now because I have been completly overfilling full for the last 4 days in a row.
The spirit was great! Even the boys had such moments of love and giving that I nearly cried. N & D wrapped up some of their own beongings to give to us all and each other. I got the tape measure that I had lost months ago. Thanks, D. Of course N gave it to him and said "you should give this to mom". Very funny, guys. They played games that didnt plug in and laughed until coke came out of nostrils and joy was spread all over the house. Literally, ALL OVER THE HOUSE.
Bring on january with nothing on the horizon except snow, cleaning, and rebirth. What to become in 2010? hmmm

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