Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dang it all to heck

Well, I had some big plans for today. And, they all came crashing when the Jeep decided today would be a better day at home than out running errands and working.
At first, I wanted to throw a fit. Instead, I calmly called AAA and waited the required "less than an hour" for help to arrive. When the not-so-helpful tow truck guy came out and barely tried to charge my battery before he gave up and said
"Call AAA Battery service and get a new one."
Uh.... No. NO! The battery is barely 8 months old! And, I have my receipt!
Ok, so now I throw a fit?
I laughed. I closed the hood and went inside, got my running shoes on and walked the dog for 4 glorious miles. Then, I came home, made some soup for lunch and gave myself a mani-pedi.
I remembered the wise words... I am meant to be right here, right now. If I wasn't, the car would've started and I'd be buying food and gas and wine and beer. I'd be on my hands and knees in Holden planting 4 dozen tulip bulbs for my favorite client. I'm not. Instead, I'm here, now.
My nails were a wreck.... and the dog sure does love those extra long walks... as does my ass and legs...
So, my car is dead and I don't know if it will get fixed today or tomorrow or this week at all. But, my nails are a nice shiny blood red now and I feel relaxed and well from a day of pampering myself.

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