Friday, February 4, 2011

damn you, liddle people

The couple who adopted Lacey brought her back. The poor woman stood in my entry crying and shaking for 10 minutes yesterday. I felt for her, but also for Lacey, who is just a normal puppy in need of comfort and structure. You can tell people what will be required of them, but they don't really hear what you're saying due to the floppy ears and wet nose effect. Ah well, the positive is that I will have more time to work with her and make her even more attractive to a potential new family.
The thing is... we already committed to taking not one, but TWO ten week old red nosers that are due to arrive on Thursday! Am I nuts?! Am I spelling rhetorical correctly? I yuess it will be the dog days of winter for me. Do they let human's into doggie heaven? My sister says I'm going there and I'd hate to be stuck at the gate with melting frosty paws in my bag.

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