Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yesterday, the new Bon Appetit arrived in the mail. For me, this is a big deal. This is my food porn. I kept it in it's plastic wrapper until I had the opportunity to sneak away to the tub with a glass of Montes Cab and some much needed bubble time. Cover to cover... AWESOME!!!!!;-
"The Italy Issue" is a wonder of yum and delish and ooooooohhhhhh and ahhhhh. I am thinking now that running away to Italy sounds like the best idea ever. Or, I could just stay here and cook my little ass off until it smells and feels like Italy.
There are recipes for making your own sodas, chocolate tiramisu, and a raw salmon salsa that has me drooling. I dream in food. And, no, I am not pregnant, just bloated and fat, thank you very much.
Bartender! I'll have a Negroni... make a a double!


Timothy said...

Tiramisu = Best desert ever.

I used to read cookbooks before bed as a kid... Now I just have to keep myself out of restaurants as much as possible so I don't spend my paychecks on food alone heh.

A Better Version of Me said...

How did you ever manage to get to sleep?!