Friday, January 29, 2010

the plastic

She's walking up the winding dirt driveway, lined with snow covered Pine and Maple trees... there is a layer of freshly fallen fluffy white snow on everything. The mountain is barely visible, off in the distance, behind clouds of swirling snow in the air. It is a most beautiful New England winter afternoon and she knows how lucky she is to have the leisure to enjoy it. Until she rounds the corner.
What a shame it is that all she can see in this gorgeous winter scene is the green plastic trash barrel and bright blue plastic slide off in the distance by the pool. Plastic... the material that can cause itching just by being in her line of sight. This "miracle" material that came of age in her lifetime and kept her father employed during most of her life.
She squints. Still, the blur of colors show through. A chill up the spine and that moment that always comes next... the realization the plastic is impossible to eliminate from her life, no matter how repulsive it is. What can be done? Will someone build me a wooden trash barrel with a cover and wheels? Can we faux paint the slide to look like wood? Can we just fill the pool with compost and soil and grow some nice organic vegetables?
These are ridiculous questions, of course. What else could come from this ridiculous girl?

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