Sunday, January 31, 2010

serving size

I have heard people say "you eat like a bird" or tease me for being thin after having three children. Go ahead, tease me. I'm not a super exercise nut. I don't eat just hand fulls of granola and berries. I eat EVERYTHING. I love food! I spend a good deal of my day thinking about it, preparing it, cooking it, serving it and cleaning up after the whole mess of it. I will eat Greek, Italian, Japanese, (sorry, "American" food just sucks) seafood, red meat, vegetarian, hot, spicy, sour, cold, sweet, salty... I do not exaggerate when I say that I love it all... there is nothing (aside from worms, I think) that I will not try at least twice.
Here's the thing. I get portion sizes. I don't fill up a 12" round platter with food and eat it all. Why would I want a 12" ball protruding from my waist? And it's as simple as that. Eat the size that you want your belly to be and it will be that size. I eat that size 5 times a day (6 if pms). I'm not missing anything. I eat cake sometimes. And mashed potatoes. Mostly, though, I eat fruit, vegetables, lean meat, seafood, whole grains and nuts.
Humus is a big favorite of mine. The picture above is a serving size for one person. It's 1/2 pita bread and 2 tbs. of red pepper humus. I use small unique plates to enhance the eating experience, since a standard serving is usually dwarfed on a typical American dinner plate. I prefer Japanese tableware and one of a kind clay. The above plate can be found here She's not only a talented artist, but she ships super fast and is a sweetheart! I got two of the sushi sets (plate and dipping bowl) and they are my favorites!

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