Tuesday, February 2, 2010

one, two

I want to go to bat for him, I really do. There's just no cause, other than helping him suffer the least possible consequences every time he screws up. I'm having a hard time getting behind that one. I don't think it's going to serve him to always "get away" with everything without a little suffering. It's the suffering that learns you the lesson, after all. Isn't it?
I'm so torn. I just don't have that sappy mothering instinct that protects the little birds from every little bump and bruise. I let my kids fall down. I don't think it was a conscious decision, but more a necessity with three boys always running around bashing themselves into things. How do you pick which one to save when they are all crashing at once! It's not that I want them to feel pain... but what can I do?
And, when they decide to slide down the railing, even after you've warned them 1,000 times not to, they'll smash their tiny balls and cry and maybe even decide not to do that again. (after 4 more tries or so)
Every time the boy screws up, some school official steps up and throws a pillow under his ass.
"Oh, sweetie, you want to do absolutely nothing buy disrupt your classes and fail 8th grade? Ok, go ahead, try harder at the high school!"
This will set what kind of fucking standard? I can only do so much here at home when you all at school are making me look unfairly demanding on my child. If you say that failing grades mean immediate suspension from the team, then stand behind that! No, you are short of decent players this year, so you bench him for one week. And, you expect me to drive him the 60 miles round trip to the rink twice this week so that he can sit in his shirt and tie and watch the team play. The punishment is on me?
No, sir, sorry. That's not how we're going to be doing this. If you cant stand behind your word, I'll do it for you.

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