Friday, February 12, 2010


Last night, while picking up the new rug at Homegoods, I decided to browse around for some new flatware. I am quite sick of having to wash a spoon in the morning so that I can eat my yogurt. I want to open the drawer and see 10 spoons waiting there for me! And, this time, none of that crap from the dollar store. Homegoods is my ticket to all things better. I know they will have something gorgeous for me that I can actually afford to buy. Right?
You cannot believe the size of cutlery these days. The spoons are HUGE! The "teaspoon" in 8 out of ten sets was the size of the tablespoons we have now. The other two sets were hideous.
This is just another example of the fattening of America. American (Chinese made, of course, but the people in China would feed a family of four from one of our 12" gut busters) dinner plates are huge, and now the flatware has caught up so that you don't notice the ridiculous amount of food you are literally SHOVELING into your gob!
Americans love all things bigger, unfortunately, most of us don't have the brain to question whether bigger is actually better. I'm glad I do.

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