Monday, May 3, 2010

a couple of points I'd like to make

First. I think the ERA has ruined women and families. Anybody want to compare jouvenile crime rates from 1950 to those of today? There's no point. Divorce rates? Depression? Those equal rights are so not equal because the creator made us different, not equal at all. Anybody who says men and women are the same is just plain wrong.
Do you know what that amendment really did to us, ladies? I'll tell you. It allowed us to a man's job AND a woman's job. Now we get to do both. Oh, joy, twice the responsibility and work.
I know, I know. I wouldn't take it back. I like that I'm a tough broad who can dig a ditch (literally) and whip up a home cooked meal that'll leave you licking your chops for days. The ERA changed America for the good and the bad. I know that the good is REALLY FUCKING GOOD, but the bad is REALLY FUCKING BAD, too.
Second. I want to tell my girls who are in the throe's of drama and anxiety that it's going to be ok. We're going to get through it all together. Before you know it, we will be looking back at this time and be proud of all we have conquered and risen from. It's going to take time and it's going to feel like forever, but it will happen and it will be so worth the wait. Make a list. Check it a billion times. Look forward. You're a badass and no one can take from you what you truly want and deserve. I love you!

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