Saturday, May 15, 2010

backwards thinking

Why is it that there are towns in this state that are willing to close up a library and cut the staff of the police and fire, yet they will approve monies to build a playground, when there are already two in the town?!!!!!!!
COME ON PEOPLE! Another playground? Another spot for bored local teens to do drugs and have sex after dark? Oh, yes, of course there are the few children who bounce around the equipment during the day, until someone finds a used condom or needle and everyone stays away. Most people have some kind of giant plastic toy in their own yard or keep the kids parked in front of the tv (where they are "safe" haha).
Libraries enrich a community like nothing else can. The gift of books and programs that are accessible to the entire community, from babies to the elderly. Playgroups, book clubs, books on tape, museum discounts, helpful information, community support, large print books, magazines and newspapers, history, art, life!
(it's not even my town and I'm pissed as hell! Orange cannot afford this loss!)

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