Monday, May 24, 2010

Here's a thought...

Princeton has a road widening project going on, much to my and the neighbors' disappointment. Yet another example of our government working AGAINST the people. This is a "stimulus" project. They call it "stimulus" hoping it will confuse you into thinking that they are giving us all something. I see my tax rate as the only thing being stimulated around here, and my agitation.
This project will speed up the traffic, making it a less safe place for our children to ride their bicycles, for us to walk our dogs, and for the horses that travel up and down this road on any given day. There are 6 residences on this section of road and as far as I know, not one of them are for this project. Everyone likes the bumpy country road. It slows people down.
Too bad, so sad, it's happening. Last fall, they starting taking down trees. A crew of trucks with Florida plates spent nearly two weeks cutting down old and young trees up and down the road. So, I realise that stimulus money sent for MA is now employing a company and men based out of Florida. Hmmm.... seems kind of unfair. Isn't the money meant to create jobs in MA?
Now, a whole new crew has arrived to widen the road. Where are they from? Not here.
Here's an idea that I would have thought would be obvious, but I see now that NOTHING is obvious. For these projects, why not give a call to all the residents IN Princeton who are unemployed. Offer them the jobs. Temporary jobs, but money in the pocket and food on the table. Stimulus for Princeton residents... makes sense, doesn't it?
They have our numbers! They have our addresses! How can a government expect it's people to rise to greatness when they encourage such laziness? Here's a job, if you don't take it, you stop getting unemployment compensation. Done. Cut the fucking red tape, make some sense and be proactive!

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